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The Ivy plant is well known for its strength, resilience an ability to endure through harsh conditions. Not only can ivy survive in adverse climates, but it often maintains its evergreen color and continues to flourish. These traits allow the ivy plant to multiply aggressively and grow stronger with time. 

At Ivy Wealth Management, it is our belief that successful investors typically share the very same characteristics of the ivy plant... strength, resilience and the ability to endure through harsh conditions.

An investor's strength is borne out of a well-defined and appropriate strategy designed to meet their specific objectives. This strategy can be thought of as the "roots" of the investment approach, providing the basis from which one can responsibly grow their financial position and allow it to strengthen and flourish with time.

The investment process is a journey, however, and is not always an easy one. Like the ivy plant, so too will one's investment endeavors be met with adverse conditions.

Such conditions might include economic recessions, geopolitical events, natural disasters, government policy changes and tax law reform, all of which can lead to heightened market volatility and interest rate fluctuation. It is during these times that our resolve to remain disciplined and patient is tested. Furthermore, how we respond in the face of such adversities will likely dictate to what extent we actually realize our desired objectives.

Discipline and patience, coupled with time, have repeatedly rewarded those who have employed and adhered to a sensible investment philosophy. It is these traits that allow successful investors to be resilient and ultimately grow their wealth in a responsible manner.

Our Mission

To guide our clientele on their journey toward financial stability, independence, and prosperity.

While simply stated, the mission of Ivy Wealth Management is actually quite difficult. It is our experience that clients routinely want to make investment and planning decisions based on their emotions, while, in fact, most successful investing and planning outcomes are realized when emotions are eliminated from the process.

It takes great discipline for one to assess their situation rationally and plan accordingly without allowing emotions to trump their decision-making. In nearly every case, emotional influences are present to some degree...the key is to recognize them and not allow them to derail a successful plan before it even gets started. Doing so empowers the client to reflect deeply on their respective situation and make informed, responsible decisions, with a full understanding of the potential consequences (both good and bad) for each.

This prudent approach has served as the backbone to Ivy Wealth Management's client process. Starting with the proper planning not only provides our clientele with the increased wisdom and confidence necessary to effectively deal with inevitable headwinds that lie ahead, but more importantly, it helps us better guide them so they can achieve all that is important to them in their lifetimes.

Our Vision

An informed clientele that understands--and feels good about--the strategy being employed on their behalf to help them achieve their desired goals and objectives.

It is our goal at Ivy Wealth Management to provide each and every client the amount of education, support and guidance they desire to help keep them on their path towards financial stability and well-being. Our firm recognizes, appreciates and embraces that our clients are all different. As such, we strive to tailor each client's experience to meet their particular needs. In doing so, it is our hope that Ivy Wealth clients feel good about their financial future.

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