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Ivy Retirement Solutions

Our retirement plan team works with corporations and non-profit organizations to appropriately establish, manage, and support employer-sponsored retirement plans.  The goal for each of our retirement advisors is to create successful retirement plan experiences for both the plan sponsors and plan participants with whom they work.

Our retirement plan team is seasoned, with decades of invaluable experience through numerous market cycles.  Acting as fiduciaries, they advocate for the plan sponsor’s organization to ensure the plan is both cost-effective and compliant.  At the same time, they help plan participants position themselves for successful retirement outcomes.  This is accomplished by regularly providing education and resources so that each participant can make informed decisions on how to successfully achieve their specific retirement objectives in a timely manner.

Ivy Retirement Solutions offers comprehensive services for a variety of retirement plan types, including:  401(k) Plans, Owner-Only 401(k) Plans, 403(b) Plans, 457 Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP IRAs), and Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees (SIMPLE IRAs).

Our process involves…

  1. Helping your organization define its retirement plan objectives
  2. Assessing your existing retirement plan program
    1. Designing your plan, or recommending opportunities to improve your existing plan, through potential benefit enhancements, increased compliance, ease of administration, reduced liability, and/or cost savings
    2. Providing fiduciary guidance, support, and consultation to help mitigate risk exposure to your organization; this includes developing a formal Investment Policy Statement to establish clear and objective criteria for selecting and monitoring a suite of diversified investment options
    3. Developing Requests-For-Proposal (RFPs) from various plan providers; this includes gathering the appropriate data and comparatively analyzing vendor proposals to identify viable alternatives as well as leveraging our industry expertise and experience to select appropriate providers (i.e., recordkeepers, custodians, third party administrators, etc.) to gain competitive pricing
  3. Managing the updates to an existing plan or the transition to (or start-up of) a new plan; this includes educating employees about the benefits of the new plan as well as enrolling them in a manner that is consistent with their specific retirement objectives
  4. Servicing the plan by providing regularly scheduled education on an ongoing basis as well as ongoing enrollment sessions for new enrollees, as needed.

Furthermore, all retirement plan participants working with Ivy Retirement Solutions—and their immediate family members—are afforded the opportunity to work with one of the financial advisors at Ivy Wealth Advisors (at no charge) to conduct their comprehensive financial planning.  This benefit allows participants to get assistance with budgeting, cashflow forecasting, risk assessment, savings strategies, portfolio analysis, tax planning, estate planning, etc.  This value-added service is intended to ensure that all plan participants are taking a wholistic approach to their household’s financial planning—beyond that of just their employer-sponsored retirement plan—to ensure their plan is comprehensive in nature and addresses all aspects of their financial lives.  Doing so helps plan participants best position themselves to achieve all of their lifetime objectives.