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Ivy Insurance Associates

Our insurance advisors help individuals, families, and businesses identify, assess, prioritize, and mitigate the various risk exposures which could potentially jeopardize the realization of their stated objectives.

Identify – What adverse events may happen to you, your family, or your business?

For individuals and families, some examples may include:

  • Loss of current income due to unanticipated unemployment as a result of disability
  • Rapid deterioration of assets due to costly long-term care needs resulting from an unexpected health event or advanced age
  • Loss of current and/or future household income due to death, whether unexpected or resulting from an illness or advanced age
  • Exposure to substantial federal and/or state estate tax liability as a result of improper, limited, or no estate planning

For businesses, some examples may include:

  • Interruption of essential operations due to the unexpected loss of a key member or members from your organization
  • Inability to purchase the share of a partner who wishes to exit the business
  • Inadequate liquidity to purchase the share from a third party who inherits it from a deceased partner

Assess – Our advisors not only help identify potential risk exposures but also quantify them to help clients better understand the adverse impact they could potentially have on their overall financial plan.

Prioritize – Which exposures are of greatest concern to you, your family or your business?  Which exposures pose the most immediate risk?  Which exposures are the greatest threat to achieving your stated objectives in a timely manner?  Which exposures may result in the greatest financial devastation?

These are the types of questions your advisor will help you sort through so you can prioritize how and when you can responsibly tackle each to protect yourself, your loved ones and/or your business.

Mitigate – Through our extensive industry experience and long-standing relationships with key insurance brokers and providers, our team is able to work on behalf of our clientele in procuring coverages that eliminate the potential financial impact of their risk exposures or at least mitigate them to the extent that the client’s stated objectives can still be met within a stated timeframe.