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Ivy Wealth Advisors

First and foremost, the financial advisors at Ivy Wealth are fiduciaries.  This means we are obligated to work in your best interest…always!

To do this, it is imperative that our advisors go through a discovery process with you so that we can first understand what ‘best interest’ really means for you.  To make that determination, our advisors need to have an understanding of your financial situation from a wholistic perspective.  This involves not only defining your desired objectives, but also understanding when you hope to achieve them and the potential risks associated with each that could hinder your ability to do so.  

Additionally, our advisors inquire about your investment experience and feelings toward risk and reward, especially as it pertains to achieving your stated objectives.  We can then assess this information, develop and implement a comprehensive game plan to help you achieve your objectives, and conduct ongoing planning to keep you on track toward accomplishing all that is important to you in a timely manner.

The success rate at which our clients are able to meet their stated objectives routinely comes down to how disciplined they are in sticking to their plan.  But plans are not static, rather they are dynamic and need to be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary.  

By providing pertinent education and setting appropriate expectations as it pertains to their planning, our clients are guided through an ongoing process employed on their behalf to help them successfully achieve their stated objectives.

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