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Personal Financial Planning

Ivy Wealth Management, Inc. offers personal financial planning to all of its clientele. If you are a private wealth client working with Ivy Wealth Advisors or a participant in an employer-sponsored retirement plan managed by Ivy Retirement Solutions, there is no fee for your personal planning!

Going through the planning process with one of our planners can help you identify potential roadblocks to achieving your stated objectives. Life happens fast…let us help you plan for the journey. Our aim is to educate each client on the day-to-day financial decisions they’ll be faced with throughout the various stages of life. As fiduciaries, we advise and guide you to use your hard-earned dollars in an optimal manner so that you can live the life you have always envisioned. Our goal is to make this process as interactive, interesting, and informative as the client desires. Finances don’t have to be an awkward conversation between you and someone speaking what seems like a foreign language. We hope to provide you with a greater understanding of where you are today while also helping you get to where you want to be tomorrow. Our team looks forward to being a part of your journey!

What’s included in personal financial planning?

    • An initial discovery process to help us learn about and understand your current financial situation, including your lifetime goals and objectives
    • Assessing your assets and liabilities to provide an accurate depiction of your overall net worth (i.e., understanding what you own and what you owe) so that we know from where you are starting
    • Understanding your income and expenses to develop both current and forecasted cashflow analyses through retirement (i.e., understanding when you are expected to have cashflow surpluses/deficits during your journey)
    • Guidance on developing a budget and adopting simple tips to help you stay true to it
    • Assessing your risk exposures and potential solutions to address them
    • A review of, and recommendations for, your non-retirement and retirement investments
    • A review of, and recommendations for, the types of savings vehicles being used
    • A checklist of action items you can begin implementing to help you realize your stated goals in a timely manner
    • A list of estate planning “Musts”
    • Copies of all planning reports

What questions will this process help you answer?

    • How do I implement a budget?
    • What is my net worth?
    • Do I have positive or negative cashflow?
    • How much should I have in an emergency account?
    • How much and what kind of insurances should I have?
    • When will I be able to retire?
    • How much do I need to save for my retirement?
    • How much will my retirement cost? 
    • What should I do with retirement accounts from a former employer?
    • Am I eligible to fund a Traditional or Roth IRA?
    • How should I select investments in my various accounts?
    • When should I start Social Security benefits?
    • Should I turn on Medicare benefits at 65 if I am still on my employer’s health plan?
    • Do I need to do any estate planning?

Our team of planners is led by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™
To go through this process with one of our advisors—
at no cost to you
please contact our office at (401) 681-4266 to set up a consultation.

The individuals, families, and businesses we help have varying situations and unique objectives. Together, we customize financial strategies designed to specifically help each of them. Please contact us if you would like help planning for all that matters to you, your family, or your business.

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