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Ivy Wealth can help in you and your business is a variety of areas. Click the button to see our services.

As a business owner, you invest extraordinary amounts of time, energy and money to make certain your business thrives. You deserve to realize the financial benefits of your vision and sacrifice. If you are like many business owners, you may be heavily vested in the success of your business and challenged to find ways to plan properly for the rewards you deserve.

Key Services for Businesses

  • Transition/ Succession planning
  • Key person attraction and retention
  • Managing risk while preserving wealth
  • Buy & sell planning
  • Executive compensation programs
  • Preparing a personal plan for legacy
  • Employee benefits guidance

Retirement Plans

A company-sponsored retirement program is an important, often used mechanism for preparing for the retirement needs of business owners and employees. Our retirement plan division specializes in comprehensive retirement plans, such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and Simple IRAs.

Our service model is driven to provide a positive participant experience in the quest to pursue a comfortable retirement, coupled with a competitive cost structure. Most plans today require participants to choose their own investments. As a result, certain fiduciary requirements are placed on the plan sponsor in the stewardship of these plans. Positive participant experience and certain due diligence procedures are two sides of the same coin. We are sensitive to the time constraints placed on most business owners, corporate executives, and human resources departments. Our mission is to help you maintain a high-quality retirement plan by providing assistance in several areas that will enhance your employees’ experience while simultaneously helping you to navigate the regulatory waterways such as:

  • Addressing risks associated with sponsoring the plan
  • Investment selection and monitoring
  • Participant education
  • Process documentation for potential compliance review

We provides a service, repeated annually, to address the complexities of these components. Our engagement is designed to give you the confidence that comes from knowing that the needs of your retirement plan are being addressed regularly and professionally, allowing you to focus on the many other needs of your business.

Employee Benefits

The benefits a company provides to its employees are of significance to both the bottom line and the ability to attract and retain a talented workforce. Whether employer-paid or voluntary, employee benefits programs should be managed to help ensure that they make financial sense for the business as well as the employee.

We use our knowledge and experiences to assist business clients in designing their customized employee benefit programs. This process includes exploring comprehensive retirement plans, profit sharing plans, life, group and health insurance packages, and other insurance solutions. We help guide corporate executives through their fiduciary and compliance responsibilities for sponsoring benefits plans. We also educate employees about the importance of contributing to retirement plans as well as assisting with changes in investment options at the plan sponsor’s direction to help complement different goals and risk tolerances. There are a myriad of choices and each is accompanied by specific regulations. The benefits specialists can explain your options to keep you compliant and competitive.

Business Planning

For some business owners, “planning” means achieving next week’s production goals, making month-end shipping quotas, or meeting the quarterly sales numbers. But there’s more to planning than meets the eye.

Business owners routinely identify and plan for the daily events associated with a business, such as uncollectible receivables, quality control issues, equipment breakdowns, and customer disputes. Other unanticipated risks such as the inability to attract or retain the best people, illness or injury to key employees, or even the disability or untimely death of the owner are important to consider. The team of advisors at Ivy realizes that people issues are as important as production issues when it comes to short-term and long-term business success or failure.

That’s why we have developed a distinct offering of services essential to businesses that are designed to help an owner manage risks that simply should not be overlooked. These include but are not limited to: Loss of Key People, Buy/Sell Planning, Executive Compensation Programs, Business Succession Planning, Discretionary Rewards for Select Employees, Salary Continuation Plans, and Disability Programs. Whether you work with us in one or all of these areas, you can be confident you’re taking the steps toward financial security for you and your business.

Insurance Planning

Safeguard your business assets with the proper insurance to minimize risk.  offers customized insurance solutions based on a wide range of non-proprietary insurance products.

Business protection needs to take into account key person life insurance, disability, general liability, and business continuity insurance. Failing to protect your business adequately can be very costly as personal assets may need to be liquidated to cover liability damages caused by employees and suppliers, catastrophic loss, business loans, company mortgage or lease payments, taxes, and professional fees to settle an estate issue.

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